NjikoIgboGreat Compatriots, Let me use this wonderful opportunity to remind the great leaders of Ndi Igbo most especially of this great platform NJIKO IGBO about the plight of ndi igbo in Diaspora. In my mind I believe through you the minister of foreign affairs will get to know this and not only knowing but to do something about it.

When you go round the world and check those Nigerians inside prisons in different countries, you will find out that majority of them are Igbos, some though contravene the law of their host countries and are culpable of one crime or the other but more are even innocent to the charges that have been leveled against them, but due to the altitude of Nigerian ambassador in this countries they are still there in the prisons in most cases without been charge or even given a fair hearing.

In as much we who deals in Genuine business keep warning our brothers in our different union to stop illicit business, but believe me that some will keep to their deaf hears.

But the questions is should Nigerian Government now abandon them there even with the ones that are innocent without fair hearing ?

Just few years back a son of a well known rich man in Nigeria was subdued in an attempt to blow up an air craft in a suicide mission, I kept following the news then, I later realize that the young man have access to a lawyer who is defending him even though the whole world knows his intentions. I think is because his  father is a wealthy man.

My dear great leaders, those who are in authority, those who very close to the presidency of our great country, please on behalf of umu Igbo, can you please bring to the notice of the presidency that Some of our ambassadors are destroying lives they suppose to have saved by their  nonchalant attitude towards Nigerians in Diaspora.

If our Ambassadors will work now they will save more souls, let our ambassador visit Nigerians in Diaspora  serving jail terms to know their conditions and see if really the crimes they committed worth the jail terms they are serving. I bet you at the end of these exercise you will find out a lot of Nigerians are innocent, some have been imprisoned just they want to claim right not knowing that the name Nigeria it self and the GREEN passport  they are holding is already a crime.

Should I talk about entry borders ? how Nigerians are been treated even in our neighboring west coast countries. You need to hear what Ndi Igbo use to through with the Germdemeries ,immigration officers and customs officers of other west African countries just because we are Nigeria passport holders.

Some have been imprisoned because they refused to be rubbed by the police of the host country, Just recently I was traveling from Lagos to Guinea via freetown with Arik Air because I want to save cost, because from Freetown to conakry by road is just about 5hrs drive by road thereby I will save around 70,000 naira comparing the price from ASKY airline direct to Conakry which will be enogh for my family for the next 2 mothns, getting to a point inside Guinea we were asked to pay some large some of amount before entering conakry town, when I bursted in anger and them realizing I have been in Guinea for a long time ask me to pass, but the other been their first time they insisted they should pay the money, but I stood my ground and spend more than 4hrs there before they could allow me to go with them. In such cases if the guy is new they will just lock him up there if he dares to argue with them, such and many more are what Nigerians are experiencing.

Why am saying this to the hearing of Njiko Igbo is because we  ndi Igbo are the most traveling people in the world . and more percentage of Ndi Igbo are victims of these maltreatment from the host country officers.


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